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About NTG

Corporate Philosophy

Gas Technologies for The Future

The NTG Mini Gas Cylinders are a clean and compact energy source for high-pressure gases stored in palm-sized containers. They are excellent in convenient handling and highly reputed by users all over the world. Founded in 1917, NTG was the first in Japan to manufacture liquefied carbon dioxide gas.

Since the 1950s, NTG has concentrated on R&D for specifically mini gas cylinders and relative applications. With line-up of various gas energy sources such as Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and Nitrogen, our substantial array of related apparatus and exclusive technology for safety that has obtained patents in eight different countries, we have been responding to various needs in every field. NTG's products are used in such diversified fields as food and beverage, industrial use, disaster prevention, leisure, and medical applications, well on to the space industry.

NTG strives to protect the global environment and to enrich society while broadening and strengthening its technologies.


Our production is constantly being improved thanks to the high motivation of our employees. The high standard of quality of the NTG products thus achieved is substantiated by various ISO certificates.