About NTG

Corporate History

1917Founded as Japan's first liquefied carbon dioxide gas manufacturing plant in Asakusa, Tokyo.
1948Factory constructed to manufacture and distributed plain soda water.
1955Soda siphon for carbonated water developed, manufactured, and distributed.
1958Ayase Factory operation started.
Started manufacturing compact high-pressure gas containers (mini gas cylinders), and expanded market to fire extinguisher, air guns, and life-jacket industries.
1969Opened US office in New York.
1971Tsuga Factory started operation.
Expanded to the beer industry.
1972Started manufacturing and distributing nitrogen gas cylinders.
1974 Factory granted approval for drug manufacturer of O2 cylinder in accordance with Japanese pharmaceutical drug manufacture, and started manufacturing and distributing medical oxygen gas cylinders.
1975Started manufacturing and distributing LP gas cylinders.
Developed compact welding mini torches, and started their manufacturing and distribution.
1976Set up US subsidiary, Nittan (U.S.A.).,Inc.
1977Developed mini gas cylinder with industry-first safety sealing cap.
1980Completed main office building on premises adjacent to Ayase Factory.
1982Developed compact oxygen inhaler and started manufacturing and distribution.
1983Started manufacturing and distribution pressure and flow reduction regulator valves.
1985Started manufacturing and distributing mixed gas cylinders.
1986 Granted medical device approval number for compact oxygen inhaler by the Ministry of Welfare, expanding market to the medical industry.
1989 NTG acquired 45% of Leland Limited, Inc., shares to expand the American market.
(governmental and non-governmental market)
Factory granted approval from The High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan (KHK) for manufacturing mini high-pressure gas cylinders.
1994NTG merged with Nippon Sanso Co., Ltd. controlling 52.89% share.
1995Founded local NTG Europe subsidiary in Menden, Germany.
1996Started Batesville, US, factory operation.
1998Tsuga Factory mini gas cylinder production facilities integrated.
2000Granted ISO 9001 certification for mini gas cylinders.
Started distribution of home beer servers to buyers.
Sold out Batesville, US, factory.
2002Granted ISO 9001 certification for mini gas cylinder applications.
2003Started manufacturing and distributing ultra-high-pressure gas cylinders.
2004Our parent company, Nippon Sanso Co., Ltd, merged with Taiyo Toyo Sanso Co., Ltd and changed in business name to Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation.
2005Integrated Ayase Factory at Tsuga Factory site.
2006ISO 13485 certification granted for medical devices.
US subsidiary, Nittan (USA).,Inc. closed.
2007Celebrated 90th anniversary.
2009A new equipment production facility was constructed at Tsuga Factory.
ISO 12402-7:2006 certification for marine safety (cylinders for life-jackets) granted.
2013Installed a new CO2 gas tank (Cold Evaporator) at Tsuga Factory.
2014NTG’s parent company, Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation, affiliated with Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation.
2016NTG Europe moved to Dortmund.
2017Celebrated 100th anniversary.