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Mini gas cylinders - Features

Palm-sized compact gas source

NTG mini gas cylinders are used effectively in areas such as injection, expansion, energy, and supply sources.

Mini containers, which are not restricted by the high-pressure gas safety laws in Japan, can be filled with CO₂, O₂, N₂, LPG, and other compressed and liquefied gas.

NTG mini gas cylinders

Features of the mini gas cylinders

Durable, high pressure resistant, compact, perfect sealing structure, and small-size high-pressure gas container certified by The High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan.

Safety Measures

Some of the NTG cylinders are made with safety sealing cap, a cap or seal of the cylinder.

Safety Sealing Cap is capable for emergencies such as substantially high temperature. Both Safety Sealing Cap and Double Safety Sealing Cap are used in variety of applications. Please contact us if you would like to consider using NTG cylinders with its safety feature.

What is important about Safety Sealing Cap?

Safety measures are key issue when designing a new product or reconsidering an ongoing product.

Small gas cylinders could be used for various applications; therefore, safety factor to be inspected will increase proportionally. The unique feature of NTG Mini Gas cylinder named "Safety Sealing Cap" provides solution for products that may want to take precaution on safety.

One of the major risks to any gas cylinders are overheating. This situation could lead to a burst or skyrocketing of the gas cylinder itself.
The consequences of these accidents are easy to imagine. NTG's Safety Sealing Caps are the most effective preventive measure for such risk factors. As the pressure within the gas cylinder increases with heat, even if the cylinder is accidentally thrown into an incinerator or kept in a high temperature environment of more than 80ºC, the Safety Sealing Cap will automatically activate once it reaches the activation pressure. When the internal pressure rises to a certain point, a micro-slit will occur on the lid of the cylinder. From this extremely miniscule slip, the gas will be released slightly. This prevents the cylinder from rocketing caused by instant release of gas.
Also, the cylinder will not burst as gas would be released before cylinder accumulates enough pressure within to burst.

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