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About NTG

Founded in 1917, NTG was the first in Japan to manufacture liquefied carbon dioxide gas. Since the 1950s, the company has focused its R&D efforts on mini gas cylinders and related applications. Our lineup includes various gas energy sources such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen, and we offer a substantial array of equipment and technologies exclusively for safety.

Corporate Profile

Founded 1917.6.12
Capital 100 million yen
Annual Sales Turnover 2020  2.14 billion yen
2021  2.59 billion yen
2022  2.57 billion yen
Business Activities
  1. Manufacture and sales of mini high-pressured gas cylinders (capacity: 100 cc or less)
  2. Manufacture and sales of regulators and equipment related to high pressure gas
  3. Manufacture and sales of equipment related to gas welding machines, cutting devices, disaster prevention devices, life-saving devices, siphons for beverages, sports and leisure, and medical equipment
  4. Providing technologies for high-pressure gas use
  5. Any and all other activities ancillary to the above
Number of Employees 115 (As of End-March 2023)


Address 12-15, 3-CHOME AOI, ADACHI-KU, TOKYO 120-0012 JAPAN
Phone +81-3-3849-1571

Manufacturing Plant

Name Tsuga Factory


Name NTG Europe GmbH
Address Europaplatz 2 44269 Dortmund Germany
Phone +49-231-56769071
Fax +49-231-56769079
URL www.ntg-europe.de
Email info@ntg-europe.de
Business Activities NTG Europe GmbH offers services to its customers in Europe as the European hub in the worldwide service network

Corporate Philosophy

Gas Technologies for The Future

Through mini gas cylinders and related equipment, we contribute not only to the development of the industry but also to the achievement of safety and security, health, and the comfort of society.
As a member of society who engages in the gas industry, NTG cares about the environment. The carbon dioxide in NTG’s cylinders is not produced by burning chemical fuels. We purchase CO2 which is generated as a by-product in the manufacturing process of steel and petrochemical products, and reused for our products. NTG strives to protect the global environment and to enrich society while broadening and strengthening its technologies.

Code Of Conduct

Conflict Minerals Policy

NTG is aware of our legal responsibilities regarding Conflict Minerals.
We do not directly source or process the 3TG (Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten, or Gold). Our mini gas cylinders are made from steel and none of the 3TG minerals are contained within it. Even though a very small amount of Tin (Sn) is contained in our brass-body regulators (as an Fe-Sn alloy component), we have confirmed with our suppliers that the material is not a Conflict Mineral from the Democratic Republic of Congo or its surrounding countries. Therefore, we hereby certify that all NTG products are Conflict Mineral Free.

Labor Policy

NTG respects all applicable laws regarding labor rights. We do not use child labor in any of our facilities or subsidiaries. We expect that all the companies we do business with also agree with this policy statement.

  • 1917 NTG was founded as Japan’s first liquefied carbon dioxide gas manufacturing plant in Asakusa, Tokyo.
    1948 A factory was constructed in Tokyo to manufacture and distribute plain soda water.
    1955 NTG Soda Siphon was developed and went on sale.
    1958 Operations started at the Ayase factory.
    NTG started manufacturing mini high-pressure gas cylinders for fire extinguisher,
    air gun, and lifejacket applications.
    1969 NTG opened a U.S. office in New York.
    1971 Operations started at the Tsuga factory.
    NTG expanded its business to the beer industry.
    1972 NTG started manufacturing nitrogen cylinders.
    1974 Factory was granted approval to be a producer of medical oxygen cylinders in accordance with Japanese Pharmacopeia, and started manufacturing and distributing medical oxygen gas cylinders.
    1975 NTG developed a compact welding torch, and started distributing it with LP gas cylinders.
    1976 A U.S. subsidiary, Nittan (U.S.A.) Inc.,was set up in San Diego, California.
    1977 NTG developed a safety sealing cap and obtained a patent on it in 8 different countries.
    1980 Main office building was constructed on the premises adjacent to the Ayase factory.
    1982 A compact oxygen inhaler was developed and went on sale.
    1983 Regulator production started.
    1989 NTG acquired 45% of Leland Limited, Inc. shares to expand its business into the American market.
    NTG was certified as a producer of mini high-pressure gas cylinders by the High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan (KHK).
    1994 NTG became a subsidiary of Nippon Sanso Co.,Ltd. (current Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation)
    1995 A German subsidiary, Nittan Europe GmbH, was set up in Menden.
    A U.S. factory was opened in Batesville, Mississippi.
    1996 Operations started at the Batesville factory.
    Nittan (U.S.A.) Inc. moved to Batesville, Mississippi.
    1998 The mini gas cylinder production facility at the Ayase factory was integrated into the Tsuga factory.
    2000 NTG was certified according to ISO 9001, the Standard for Quality Management Systems.
    2001 The Batesville factory closed.
    Nittan (U.S.A.) Inc. moved to Palm Springs, California.
    2004 NTG’s parent company, Nippon Sanso Co.,Ltd., merged with Taiyo Toyo Sanso Co.,Ltd. and changed its name to Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation.
    2005 All facilities at the Ayase factory were integrated into the Tsuga factory.
    2006 NTG obtained ISO 13485 certification for some oxygen products.
    2007 A weld-sealed oxygen cylinder was developed and went on sale.
    NTG obtained UL 1191 certification, the UL Standard for Components for
    Personal Flotation Devices.
    Nittan (U.S.A.) Inc. was closed.
    2009 A regulator production facility was constructed within the Tsuga factory
    NTG obtained ISO 12402-7 certification.
    Nittan Europe GmbH changed its name to NTG Europe GmbH.
    2013 A new CO2 gas tank (Cold Evaporator) was installed at the Tsuga factory.
    2014 NTG’s parent company, Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC), became an affiliate of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation.
    2016 NTG Europe moved to Dortmund.
    2017 NTG marked its 100th anniversary.
    2019 A new cylinder production facility was constructed within the Tsuga factory premises.
    2020 Operations started at the new cylinder production facility.
    NTG’s parent company, TNSC, became an affiliate of Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation.
    ▲Ayase Factory
    ▲Regulator production facility
    ▲Cylinder production facility